The Craft of Hand Lettering (Ace Hotel)

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6:30 PM Tuesday October 8, 2019

through 9:30 PM - Tuesday November 26, 2019

$100 plus $25 supplies fee at The Ballroom Ace Hotel




If you loved the introductory class, or are serious (or curious!) about diving deeper into the craft, there is no better place to start learning than with the Foundational hand. This is the beautiful lettering style based on medieval manuscripts that forms the basic strokes and shapes underlying most of our letters today. In fact, once you learn Foundational, you can transition those skills to learning Italic, Uncial (Irish), Gothic styles, and more.


In this weekly series of eight classes, you will learn the lowercase and capital letters, proportions and spacing, variations including slopes and serifs, writing in color, and design of a handwritten quote. A supply fee of $25 payable to the instructor at the first class will include everything you need to get started. No experience necessary, this course is great for first-timers.


Karen Nordstrom Roberts has practiced calligraphy for 30 years creating lettering for certificates, weddings, poetry, and artistic interpretations.  She is one of a few calligraphers who teach both broad-edge and pointed pen styles of lettering. Her work has been exhibited in several locales in the Pittsburgh region.  She is vice president of the Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh and a member of IAMPETH, the Washington Calligrapher’s Guild, and Friends of Calligraphy. IG: @karigraphycalligraphy