Yin Yoga in the Salt Cave (PL&Z)

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Yin Yoga in the Salt Cave
Tuesday, February 13th 2017 6:30-7:30PM
10 spots available $30 per session, $125 for five sessions

Ongoing: The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month What better way to spend an evening than loving yourself (mind, body, and soul) and getting centered during a Yin Yoga session in our beautiful pink Himalayan Salt Cave!

Yin Yoga Class Description
Yin Yoga is a quiet meditative yoga practice that moves beyond the muscular body, targeting the connective tissue by way of long gentle holds. The entire class is performed from either a seated position or lying down, with a minimal amount of physical exertion. Yin Yoga is a wonderful complement to other fiery Yang Yoga practices like Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, etc.This practice aims to release the physical and emotional tensions that accumulate due to the stress of our work and personal lives. Combined with the healing properties of Peace, Love, and Zen’s Salt Cave these classes will leave you feeling peacefully refreshed and renewed. Susanna Cammarata 

Teacher Bio
Susanna started taking yoga classes here and there in 2009 but really found a passion for the practice in 2013 when Clay Yoga opened in her neighborhood. The inviting sense of community and love created in that space sparked a flame in Susanna to dive deeper into a practice that provided so much positivity in her life.

Susanna earned her 200 HR RYT Certification in October 2014 through Diana Vitantonio’s Soul Activist Yoga Teacher Training. She is constantly looking to deepen her knowledge of the practice, taking teacher trainings that can enhance her capabilities as a yoga instructor. She has been sharing her passion for Yoga, teaching Power Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga at studios in the Pittsburgh area as well as private classes to her friends and family. In July of 2016 Susanna quit her full-time corporate career and opened her own pottery business, Four Sisters Ceramics. She is now free to dedicate her time to the physical art she creates and the yoga classes she teaches. For Susanna, Yoga is the most accessible and direct means of connecting her mind to her body and soul. It’s the easiest way to hit the reset button; letting go of judgment and negativity, so as to bring a sense of gratitude to the forefront. No matter how she walks into a classroom, as a teacher or a student, she always walks out feeling life is more beautiful than she realized before. Knowing that she facilitates that possibility of joy and growth for her students makes it all worthwhile.