ChamberChoice Benefits

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The East Liberty Chamber of Commerce (ELCC) purchased 12 shares in 1992 when ChamberChoice was first founded making ELCC a shareholder in the corporation.  ChamberChoice is a collaboration of over 100 Chambers across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with thousands of businesses enjoying cost savings by participating in the various programs and services that are offered through membership with participating Chambers, ELCC included. 

Chamber Member Exclusive Perks
Significant discounts on insurance, utilities and other services.

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Although ChamberChoice offers an array of Products and Services, the four (4) primary programs are:       
1. Individual and Group Health Insurance
2. Business Insurance with Dividend Potential
3. Energy Savings Program
4. Human Resource Tools
As a result of the large numbers of businesses participating in these programs, ChamberChoice has the buying power to offer cost savings that are not typically enjoyed by small businesses.  Chamber members may contact ChamberChoice directly for any of the programs offered as well as guidance on related matters.
Contact ChamberChoice at 1-800-377-3539 to learn more about the programs offered. The ChamberChoice programs can enhance your existing benefits portfolio, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line. ChamberChoice is one of the many benefits of Chamber membership.

World Kinect Energy is the endorsed energy consultant for the ChamberChoice Energy Program throughout Pennsylvania. World Kinect Energy has worked over the last five years to educate Members in a consultative fashion on electric deregulation (choice), while simultaneously providing Members with exclusive offers, by leveraging World Kinect's supplier relationships to co-create products and develop cutting-edge solutions for Chamber Members. Through managing the ChamberChoice Energy Program, World Kinect Energy offers the strongest and largest array of choices to Chamber Members (fixed, variable, pool, etc.). World Kinect Energy advisors will assess and analyze the most prudent and optimal procurement strategy for your individual business. World Kinect Energy will work on behalf of each individual Chamber Members' unique business needs. With an influx of energy resellers in the Pennsylvania markets, many resellers have resorted to nefarious business tactics and are less than reputable. Members should be cautious when sharing their utility bills with other suppliers to protect themselves from being slammed or inadvertently switched. 

ChamberChoice carefully vetted World Kinect Energy to deliver a reliable and reputable energy consultant that Members could trust. World Kinect Energy is the only energy consultant endorsed by ChamberChoice and the Chamber. 

If you have any questions or received an unfamiliar solicitation from a third-party energy reseller, please call World Kinect Energy at 412-294-3412 for assistance.