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The mission of the East Liberty Quarter Chamber of Commerce is to empower our local business community, advocate for responsible growth and educate for success in our resurgent marketplace.

Chambers of Commerce have been recorded as having operated as early as 1773 (see History of Chambers).  While Chamber incentives and rewards for membership have evolved over the centuries, businesses world-wide still share the basic premise in today’s market which is the desire to serve their customers and their community and, in doing so, realize a sound return on investment. 

There is strength in numbers and working together and having a strong advocate, such as the Chamber, remains one of the driving forces for Chamber Members today just as it did in 1773. 

Since our inception in 1927, the East Liberty Quarter Chamber of Commerce has built relationships that benefit our members in a variety of ways. Among them:  the local Zone 5 Police Commander and his police officers; the URA and Mainstreets directors who offer an array of programs, low interest loans, grants and other services that benefit small businesses; the Mayor’s Office; Zoning Department officials; City Council Representatives; State Senate and House Representatives; Chamber Choice who provides products for Chamber Members only, and; a host of other organizations and officials whose relationships are in place to assist the businesses within our community. 

Our Board of Directors is comprised of business owners who understand the hurtles that business owners face each day on a variety of matters from customer service to labor issues, securing financing to expansion challenges.  As a Chamber Member, you can rest assured that we are working hard to advocate for business interests across the board including legislation that strengthens your ROI and being the voice of reason with our local and state representatives when there is pending legislation that could harm local trade.  We may not have all of the answers but we will certainly direct you to someone who can.

Please consider the long tradition of businesses supporting their local Chamber of Commerce.  We are honored to be of service to the businesses of East Liberty.

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