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Through the preservation of our history and the education of the public, we aim to enhance a sense of self and place within the residents of the East End; to encourage community esteem. We work to develop a renewed awareness of the area’s significant sites,historical events, momentous contributions, and ethnic diversity, But most importantly, we strive to foster future growth and development through a broad understanding of our past.

East Liberty Valley Historical Society
PO Box 4922
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Your membership matters!

With your membership and contributions, you are supporting worthwhile events like the Society’s 2013 exhibition
The East Liberty Valley: From Brachiopods to Bakery Square.
Additionally, you are supporting excellent historical research and publications like Images of America: Pittsburgh’s East Liberty Valley (Arcadia Publishing, 2008).
Your membership includes a complimentary subscription to the Bit-of-History series, a quarterly publication of the East Liberty Valley Historical Society.
1-Year, Individual (Student) - $10
1-Year, Individual - $20
1-Year, Business (Non Profit or 1-10 Employees) - $35
1-Year, Business (10-30 Employees) - $100
1-Year, Business (30+ Employees, Corporate) - $200


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