In Depth Chakra Tune, Heart Chakra (PL&Z)

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In-Depth Chakra Tune Up: HEART CHAKRA
In the Salt Cave!!!!!
April 15th, 5-7 pm $30 (or purchase all 7 in the series, get one class free! Please call to sign up for all 7.)
Limited space available! Call 412-661-0777 to reserve your seat today!

The chakras are energetic centers of activity in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They are essential areas of knowledge in the spiritual arts and personal healing. In this class you will experience a complete heart chakra tune-up! The fourth chakra is one of the most important as it deals with love, both self love and love for others. We will create states of compassion, forgiveness, connection and open-heartedness that will affect every area of your life. (This class is the same as the heart chakra meditation class offered previously.)

Exercises that will be utilized to optimize your energetic anatomy include: meditations, easy yogic postures, breathing exercises (pranayama,) creative and artistic expression, small group activities, the use of essential oils and crystals, energetic healing techniques, mantras, mudras, affirmations, chants, prayers, energetic clearing tools, shamanic techniques, and many more! Come to all 7 for a complete transformational experience.

Teacher: Victoria Zaitz, MLA, MTP is a full time professional psychic medium, reiki practitioner, spiritual counselor, intuitive development teacher, meditation instructor, spiritual awakening coach and soul mate/twin flame specialist. She has been working with the chakra system since 2007.

This and all events in the Himalayan Salt Cave are prepaid and will not be refunded or exchanged.