Philippine-American Performing Arts, SARI-SARI (KST)

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Kelly Strayhorn Theater
4951 Penn Ave

Copresented with Philippine-American Performing Arts
Inspired by the phrase “sari-sari,” meaning variety or sundry, “SARI-SARI” is a continuation of last year’s “HALO-HALO” recital. Reflecting the breadth and depth of the Philippine culture and history—which encompass animistic beliefs of the many mountain tribes, Muslim and Christian beliefs, and celebrations of Spanish-influenced fiestas—this evening of dance and music is a celebration of Filipino arts. Musicians, dancers, and singers perform a variety of dances that preserve and propagate folk traditions while showing them in a totally different light.

Philippine-American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh is a resident company of KST’s Alloy Studios.

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